For the last couple of years I have been working closely with Thiago Figueirdo at Atlas Copco, creating innovative training for global cohorts in sales. This footage was shot after the last Sales Managers Programme this summer/autumn. We look forward to the next programmes, starting this winter and into 17. 

Read Thiago's Testimonial

3C ProgRamme: Connect Communicate Convince

Innovative training for high flyers in Stockholm.

In person group work and one-to-one training, tailored to each individual’s need, and supported online, on page and on screen. The programme is designed and delivered in partnership with acclaimed business trainer Per Hugander. First cohort this August.

Cicely Berry interview

I was invited to interview Cicely Berry - OBE, Director of Voice, Royal Shakespeare Company - at a Voice Care Network conference held this September at Leicester University. Watch, and listen to the wisdom of her years, in this rare interview of a legend in voice and theatre.

Why do we have different accents?

Have you ever wondered why we speak the way we do? There are some interesting theories about the origin of accents..

The Alveolar Ridge

A part of your mouth about which you may never have heard, and yet the Alveolar Ridge commands a remarkably important position in your speech and communication skills...