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Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Phil's manual on communication skills for leaders is on its way.

Find out what the book will cover and who inspired its content.


Chapter 1 - Setting Your Goals

Chapter 2 - How the Voice Works

Chapter 3 - How the Voice Doesn’t Work

Chapter 4 - The Body : Freeze / Fight / Flight

Chapter 5 - The Breath: The Key to Good Voice

Chapter 6 - The Voice: Breath into Sound

Chapter 7 - How to Build a Great Story

Chapter 8 - Good Use of Power Point

Chapter 9 - How to Look and Sound Like a Team

Chapter 10 - Listening & Connecting

Chapter 11 - Top Tips for Channeling Confidence


How to Write a Readable Blog by Patrick Bliss

How to Use a Camera to Communicate in Business by Tim Phelps

Women’s Voice in Business by Alyssa Ciccarello

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

To celebrate the shiny new BlissVoiceBox update, take a look at this new tutorial which answers the question; how do I get whats in my head clearly into your head, by just using my body and brain?

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