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Phil & the Masters in Marketing & Sales Programme

at Atlas Copco, Industrial Air Division, Antwerp


“It has been useful to learn the factors at play when I get stressed and how they impact my voice. Being given the tools to expand my vocal range has greatly increased my confidence when on the phone or giving presentations...”

Simon Burbidge, Solicitor, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP


“10 OUT OF 10. Where do I begin? Knowledgeable, understood the issues and how to address them. Engaging, and comes across as genuinely interested in you and the issues. Enthusiastic. Knows his subject so well that he is comfortable with interactive delivery, and to fit the material around the needs of the participants as they come up.”


Thomas Siggers, Senior Assocaite, CMS Cameron McKenna

Dr. Sina Forster

Global Product Manager at Leybold, Cologne


“A week after the training now and looking back on what we have done I again must say that it was a great training with lots of useful learnings. I've talked to some of my colleagues and we all agree that this was a very unique training, far ahead from all the academic trainings we usually join - in a very positive way!”

“I work in an environment which previously relied on long, detailed and carefully crafted reports. This is no longer the case and clients do not have time to read such documents; they expect us to present findings to them. Therefore the voice is key.”

David Dunckley, Partner, Grant Thornton

Anderson Momose

Customer Success Center Manager at Atlas Copco. Airpower. n.v.

“I am glad that I had the chance to work and to be coached by you Phil! I keep using your tips and will do that forever, they help me to be a better professional, a better individual and to enjoy life every time that I use them. I am looking forward to have my new team also coached by you. 🙌🏽




"I don’t want to be like the other 50 year old men in the room, I want to be me, communicating me in a good way”

Frida was on the first ever
Connect, Communicate, Convince 
programme in collaboration with

Voice & Communication Skills Training


“Philip has given me the tools and a number of eye-opening insights which has increased my focus and presence in professional as well as personal life. As a leader this has created great value not only to myself but perhaps even more to my team and company.”


Ted Nelson, Chief Commercial Officer Truecaller & Angel Investor

Three years after training, watch how these leaders assess the impact it had on themselves and their companies. 

Daniel Stenmark CEO of EGN
Pelle Nord Co-Founder & CEO of Leeroy
Frida Siwe CFO of Norrsken Foundation
All three were on the first ever
Connect, Communicate, Convince 
programme in collaboration with

“Phil Bliss enables those he works with to get the best out of their voice and so give the speaker confidence. He carefully listens and observes so that he can work creatively with each individual. 

He believes strongly, as I do, that to help people express themselves well and find their own voices, is vital to the ongoing growth and creativity of each person.”

Cicely Berry CBE, Director of Voice, 

The Royal Shakespeare Company

“Phil Bliss has an exceptional ability to grasp the groups he works with and guides them through an incredible transformation process. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Phil on several occasions and he never ceases to surprise me. No matter the situation, Phil is able to assess the participants and tailor the content to their specific needs. His work has been an essential part of developing many of my own cohorts, creating team spirit, openness, trust and an expert ability to actively listen and communicate.”

Thiago Figueiredo, Product Manager. Atlas Copco. Airpower. n.v.

We have a long, ongoing relationship with this Top London Drama School. Watch our interview with Adrian Jeckells - Principal of the school and Susan Raasay - Head of Drama discussing why understanding the voice and breath is vital for these actors in training.


Collaborating with

The London School of Musical Theatre

I worked in collaboration with Jan Jacobs at Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education, on training for the top management of Swedish agricultural co-operative, Lantmannen


Here's the feedback from Jan:

"I'm delighted to share with you that your score for your training day with Lantmannen was a whopping 8.93 out of 10."

Here's some of their comments, verbatim:

"I think the session was very helpful to become a better presenter - also a better listener.."

"Great with the fundamental approach on breathing and what it does to the brain and the output"

"A very useful exercise under brilliant custodianship"

I worked in collaboration with Patrick Stahl of the MiL Institute, to create communication skills modules as part of a leadership training programme for IKANO - the banking wing of IKEA


"To what extent has this module contributed to the overall value of the program?"

"An awesome module when everything just seemed to come together. The communication training with the 5 streams (how to create, practise and deliver) was very, very useful." 

"Phil Bliss' session was super; so useful and pushed us over the comfort zone to the learning zone."

I regularly visit Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education to work on their International Management Program. Here's some recent feedback: 


Voice and Communication Skills in Management. IMP March ’16

Stats compiled by Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education

"This session is surely one of the best sessions of IMP. Phil is really nice to listen to. He really has a skill to keep you focused. I learnt a lot and it will surely help me a lot in the future during presentations of during meetings. Just simple: breathe to listen to people. Funny exercise without socks but this I will never forget ! I am looking forward to further exploring on his website. Great opportunity."

"Fantastic Presenter & learnings I will use the rest of my life."

"A very inspiring presenter. He gave me a lot of valuable tips."

"A very good presenter, extremely pleasant but driven to move the day forward, interactive session and given the subject handled very well by Phil. it could have been my worse nightmare but ended well with good pointers for the future."

"No need to comment - absolutely a fantastic way to experiment theoretical change in a physical way."

Ian Collingwood, at Start-Up Bootcamp Barcelona, asked me to create and deliver training modules to help tech entrepreneurs pitch their business at the 4YFN event this spring.


This programme was delivered with collaborator; Alyssa Ciccarello


“It's official. You guys rock. Just got the post-programme feedback; and in terms of Pitch Training, you coming in for the first time this year has moved the module from the bottom of the league last year to the top this year. Thank you!”


Ian Collingwood, COO & Programme Director. Startup Bootcamp Barcelona. IoT & Data.