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"We’ve created a system of learning that will support those I’m in the room with but also those I’ll never be in the room with."

"I work with Philip because my mission in life is to release untapped potential in people, and Philip can help my change-makers with one extremely important action, and that is to transfer the idea that the change-maker has in their head into the heads of key stakeholders."

- Per Hugander, Strategic advisor on leadership, strategy, innovation and organisational culture


See collaborator Per’s paper from The Harvard Business Review about his work with SEB

"Your new website flipping rocks! WOW, you’ve been busy! This new resource is outstanding, congratulations."


- Tim Last, Divisional President at Atlas Copco Specialty Rental Division

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"The sum of the course was definitely begin able to put all our learnings into practice by bringing a presentation"

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Phil regularly teaches on

Stockholm School of Economics'

International Management Program

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"I don’t want to be like the other 50 year old men in the room, I want to be me, communicating me in a good way”

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